Dear Parents

As I am sure you are aware, from Friday 20th of March, we will be closing the school in accordance with guidance from the Welsh Assembly Government. We deeply regret having to take such drastic action but in these uncertain times we must all work together to minimise the impact of this virus and support each other where we can. We are unable to confirm at this time when the school will re-open for pupils.

The most important message that all staff wish to send at this time is to stay safe and look after one another. We would like to wish all families and friends well in these difficult times.

We are still awaiting further guidance on the role that schools and staff may play in the coming weeks.

From Friday, all correspondance will be done via our text to parents service, Twitter, our school`s app and our website. Please ensure that your phone number is up-to-date on our records.

Some learning activities have been prepared for each class and are now available on Hwb and our school website. We are also sending home some books for pupils/parents to read. Aany task completed and saved in pupil files on Just2easy can be seen by teachers and they will be able to comment on them. Photos can also be uploaded of things like craft projects or work completed in workbooks. Further tasks will be set as and when the need arises.

Whilst we hope that all our pupils continue to learn and develop their skills, we also feel it is important to stree that this is not a list that must be completed. None of us know what challenge we may face in the coming weeks and the well-being of every family is paramount. Many of us are parents ourselves and we are all aware of how challenging kids can be at home!

Some of the most beneficial things you can do at home together are the simple things like reading, cooking, gardening, talking, crafts, singing, building dens, drawing, painting, building things, looking at old photos, making scrap books or playing games. The children will be full of ideas of their own and are far more likely to be engaged if something starts off as their idea! This is also a great time to develop their life skills. Dressing themselves, household chores, telling the time, money skills or even tying shoelaces are all important!

If anyone would like to get in contact with me during this time my email address is

If you are worried about anything and would like a chat, I will also be available in any way i can. Email me and I can get in touch. Please also try the school number as a member of staff may be available.

Finally, stay safe, look out for one another and we hope to see you all soon.

Kindest regards

Cathryn Jones

Assistant Head