Welcome To Bynea Nursery


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Welcome back to school. A special welcome to all those families joining the school for the first time, we are delighted that you have decided to join us at Bynea.


Information for parents

  • Please make sure all uniform has your child’s name clearly written on the labels. Also it would be helpful if other items such coats, water bottles and lunch boxes are also labelled as the children are not always sure what belongs to them and we often find that certain items are quite popular, Spiderman water bottles are obviously a big hit!!

  • All children need a PE kit which just needs to be shorts and t-shirt; lessons will be barefoot in the hall. The kits will be stored in school and sent home during holidays for washing, so please put them in small bags as storage space is limited. A labelled carrier is fine.

  • All children need to bring a water bottle to school with them every day. This is sent home for washing every night. Water only is permitted in the bottles.

  • At break time, every morning, children are encouraged to have some fruit. Children are permitted to bring their own fruit or purchase some from our tuck shop; the cost is  £2 for the week. As the children are still young in the infants we request that all money be placed in an envelope with your child’s name, amount and purpose. Dinner money accounts are run completely separately from the schools so please keep dinner money in separate envelope.

  • All children will bring home library books every Friday which will also need to be returned the following Friday. Reading to your child is one of the most important things you can do so please keep the books at home for the week and read it as many times as you like, children often like hearing the same story over and over!! Book bags are available at the school at the cost of £4.50 each.

  • Children do not need to bring a pencil case to school as all stationary items are provided. Please keep things sent into school to a minimum as small toys can easily get lost in amongst school equipment.

    I apologise for the long list above but drop off times in the morning and pick up times tend to be quite busy and in order for us to get things running smoothly it is important for both staff and pupils to have good routines.

    Thanking you for your cooperation,


    Miss Lewis

    Class Teacher

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