External classroom doors are opened at 8.55a.m. for both Infant and Junior departments. Teachers are in their classes to receive pupils into the school, via their individual classroom doors. Another bell sounds at 9.00a.m. to begin the school day with registration in the classes.Any child arriving after this time will be noted in the register as ‘a late arrival’. Any child arriving after the close of registration will be noted as absent for that session. Please help your child to establish good habits of punctuality.



9.00am —11.55am

12.55pm —3.00pm


9.00am —12:15pm

1.00pm — 3.00pm


At the end of the school day, all pupils will vacate the school via the external classroom doors. Children in the Infant department will not be allowed out of school at the end of the day unless collected by a named, responsible adult. Should a child be collected by someone unfamiliar to the school, parents are asked to forewarn the class teacher of the arrangement.