School Rules


The purpose of our school rules are to engender a positive and friendly atmosphere, supported by the school merit system. There are as few rules as possible and an air of responsibility towards each other and the school is fostered.

Children are asked to dispose of litter in the many bins available inside and outside the school. We take much pride in the cleanliness of the school and the school estate.

Clothing can often get lost or mislaid in school, especially coats. Parents are therefore asked to ensure that a label bearing the child’s name is fixed inside garments. This also applies to bags and pencil cases.

Children are not to bring dangerous objects to school. The staff reserve the right to confiscate any such object. Parents will then be asked to collect the object from school.

Mobiles phones are not allowed to be brought to school and used by pupils under any circumstances.

Bicycles should not be ridden on the school yard or within the school premises.